Our Vision

Today, the promise of America has changed a bit. No longer can we depend on the go-to-college—get-a-job—have-a-better-life model. College is exorbitantly expensive, quality jobs are tough to come by, and most people want more from their careers than a mere paycheck.

ZenGen will be a part of the new way forward. Our charter is to engage, educate, empower, and develop tomorrow’s generation of entrepreneurs, leaders, and business owners for this new frontier. We’re going to activate the strengths of this generation, such as their love of diversity, their ease with technology and their determination to forge their own path, through applied learning programs. Programs that will provide relevant, real-world professional experience, increase business literacy, and education on how to leverage mainstream social media channels and digital marketing for professional development and network expansion.

ZenGen App Mockup

Current Projects

In partnership with Pinpoint Digital Marketing and Simple Chuck, a personal, deionized, water system, digital marketing associates are learning to activate and execute an innovative marketing project to design new channels of distribution that focus on client/customer relationships.

In partnership with Pinpoint Digital Marketing and Bean Coffee Roasters, digital marketing associates are learning to leverage strategic partnerships that focus on new markets, branding and marketing.

In partnership with Pinpoint Films, associates will learn the importance of media development in today’s marketplace and have the opportunity for hands-on experience in creative development, messaging and producing video assets for various clients and projects.